Hey it’s MX and welcome to my website and without delay I am going to give you a little run-down of how I got, well – HERE!

Apart from making “groove faces” whilst I perform and sometimes breaking drum sticks, I can say I am a pretty versatile drummer and music producer taking his craft to another level. Performing in venues such as The O2, The Hammersmith Apollo, The Jazz Cafe and many more. Playing for various artists of different nationalities but also touring internationally for well known events/festivals in other countries.

Music has always been coded in my DNA but nonetheless striving to unlock unique qualities assigned to your mind takes years of work and resilience – especially to make a career out of it. Growing up in church, sneaking onto the minister’s altar to quickly try out some grooves, to a few years later downloading my first package of FruityLoops™. I also bought my first Stagg drum kit in 2004, but never had an appropriate place to set it up and rock the house.

Graduating from Colchester Institute associated with Essex University with a Bachelor Honours Degree it was time to find a place where I belonged in the world. Without a shadow of doubt, it was no accident it, undergoing various projects, meeting so many people on their own journeys tirelessly finding themselves, as well and being part of creative missions just so I can discover the true meaning of Musicianship – it made me who I am today.

Proud owner of MX Studios UK, a place of creative composing, both digital and acoustically, sound recording, rehearsals, video filming, photo taking and a positive vibe for all people to be a part of this incredible adventure. My goal is to make the world smaller by getting everyone together and creating an even bigger network of creators, innovators and casual lovers of music to give everyone an opportunity to be the best version of themselves.

SO what are you waiting for? Get involved, explore the website, navigate through the social media pages and book to visit this brand new studio; express your creativity here!